Monday, September 22, 2014

Bucket List


1.     Create a wicked popular Youtube video - Just to be that person to upload that video that everyone is talking about...but in a good way.

2.     Getting through High-school - My first weeks of high-school have been hard to get used to so I hope that as time goes by I'll get more and more used to it.

3.     Meet Melissa McCarthy - She is the funniest women alive. Everything she does makes me laugh!

4.     To be fluent in Portuguese - The older generation in my family, for the most part, all speak Portuguese fluently.  The younger generation does not speak Portuguese at all; some understand it.  I would like to learn to speak it so when my grandparents & parents are gone I will be able to teach my children.

5.     Go to a concert - I have never been to a concert, unless the middle school's band concert counts, I really want to go to one SOOO badly!

6.  Trying a food that I never tried before - I'm not a big fan of  trying new food. So I will try to eat something new. And I'm talking about food that I would never see myself eating or I always thought was disgusting by its looks not by its tastes.  For example, beans they look awful to me. 


1.     Own my own Giraffe - I would absolutely love to just have my own giraffe in my backyard and like every morning it would just stick its head through my window and wake me up.

2.     Scuba Diving - Scuba diving would be so mind blowing. Seeing this
           whole different world underwater. 

3.     Go to Portugal - Based on my family's Portuguese heritage I want to visit Portugal.

4.     Be in a movie - It would be so awesome to be in a movie. Just the whole atmosphere of it would be cool because I want to do something in filming or editing or acting or directing when I grow up.

5.     Go on a cruise – My grandparents have been on a few cruises and tell me how wonderful they are.  I am hoping to experience one in my life time.

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