Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Pet Peeves

1) Did you just fart? - When you are in a public place and it's quiet at the moment. Then your elbow or what ever body part slides or rubs against the table, desk, or something and it makes a fart noise. But you definitely know you didn't fart but, no one around you knows that. So when they hear that they admittedly assume you just passed gas. So then it gets to the point when you see people start to glance at you oddly.

2) I know everything!! - We all know that person who thinks they're smarter then you or thinks they are always right. But really a lot of what they say isn't true or the best answer but, even though it gets on your nerves you just have to go with it because one thing you say to them about how that is wrong they will explode on you with information they thing is true. So it's a pain listening to him/her say all of this stuff to you that isn't right and you basically just have to sit and listen to them.

3) My life sucks - I hate when someone complains and complains to everyone about how awful their lives are but really they are spoiled little brats and the worst thing that happened to them is that they didn't get the new iPhone. Because I know what having a bad life is because a good friend of mine isn't having just a swell life so far and he doesn't go around complaining how awful his life is.

4) When I'm late but it wasn't my fault - When I have to be somewhere at a certain time but of course I will be late because my family just has to be late for everything in the world. If you ask them what on time means they wouldn't know.

5) What music do you like? - I absolutely hate when someone asks me what music I listen to because if it's not one that they like it's not good.

6) I said NO!!!! - When someone asks you if you want to go somewhere or do something and either you can't or you just plain don't want to do it, so you say "no" to them. But "no" just isn't in there vocabulary so they will keep bugging you and bugging you until you say "yes!"

7) Would you cover your mouth... - When someone sneezes or coughs without covering their mouth I think it is just extremely nasty, like seriously no one wants to see that...or feel that. Also, the faces that they make right when they are about to sneeze or cough, more so coughing, can be really disturbing.

8) Please Flush - When you walk in a public bathroom and you really have to take a poop or pee and you walk in the stall and there is just a giant, load of crap clogged in the toilet. And you definitely don't want to flush it because the handle that flushes the toilet is nasty because who ever took that giant dump touched the handle with their filthy hands trying to flush down that nasty mess. So all you do is try to get another stall which would stink if there is a crowd in the bathroom because they think it was you.

9) Seriously, could-ya hold it from the side! - When a waiter/waitress sticks there fingers in your beverage when they are giving it to you, like honestly that is disgusting. Do you know where those hands have been?  



  1. I can relate to #8, I hate when people don't flush!

  2. I completely agree with every pet peeve you have! I would never take a drink after my waiter put their fingers in it that's disgusting

  3. Waitresses/waiters who put their hands in my food or drink are so annoying. It's disgusting having to wonder what she or he has touched, and that it now might be in my food.